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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

The goal of psychiatric rehabilitation is to help individuals with persistent and serious mental illness to develop the emotional, social, and intellectual skills they need to live as independently as possible.

Our team work with our recipients to encourage the skills they need to live, learn, and work in social environments with minimal professional support. Individuals are provided with individual, family, and group support to increase their mental well-being, enhance the quality of their lives, and pursue their dreams and goals so that they can live successful lives according to their own definitions.

Adolescents PRP Qualifications

  • 5-17 years of age

  • Referral from treating Licensed Mental Health Professional

  • Have an Axis I diagnosis from a licensed mental health professional

  • Currently, have ACTIVE Maryland State Medicaid

  • Intake and Rehabilitation Assessment with PPS staff (Parent or Legal Guardian Must be Present)

Children Embracing in Circle

Adult PRP Qualifications

  • Referral from treating Licensed Mental Health Professional

  • Maryland Medicaid and/or proof of application

  • A psychiatric diagnosis that meets the priority population determined by the Mental Health Authority

  • Intake and Rehabilitation Assessment with PPS staff

Good Friends

Services Checklist:

Self Care

Meal planning and prepping


Personal hygiene


Socialization skills

Personal safety

Promoting health care


Illness management training

Personal finance education

Housing maintenance 

Mobility training

Mental illness recovery

Utilization of community


Independent and community living skills

Medication management and education

Interpersonal skills

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