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Live Benevolent - Mental Health Services
About Our Organization

LIVE Benevolent offers a wide range of support to young adults and their families, and men who battle mental illness & substance abuse disorders.


Servicing the Baltimore City and Baltimore County areas, LIVE Benevolent takes a comprehensive approach to mental, emotional and physical well being.


Key Services Include:


  • Youth & Family Trauma Counseling

  • Therapeutic Mentoring

  • Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation / PRP

  • Alcohol & Drug Recovery

  • Mental Health Support

Benevolent (be·nev·o·lent): showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity

Why We Do This Work

It's our mission to provide mental health support, social comfort, opportunities and life-changing habits to individuals, their families and communities impacted by violence, tragedy, addiction, and homelessness.

Live Benevolent - Mental Health Services

30 Days

It takes just 30 days for our weekly program participants to see improvements in their mental wellbeing and overall wellness

Lives are transformed,
when we work together.
What We Do Best:
Transform Lives

Our transformative approach to healing shifts the way mental health resources and substance abuse recovery is supported


Eighty percent of our substance abuse program participants see a reduction in substance use after starting the program

Live Benevolent
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