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About Us
at Live Benevolent

We’re the future of mental health and wellness resources.

LIVE Benevolent offers a wide range of support and resources to improve mental, emotional and physical wellbeing outcomes in our communities. We currently service Baltimore City and Baltimore County communities.

With experience spanning 15+ years, our team of trained therapists, mental health experts and substance abuse counselors are here for you to achieve your wellness goals.

Key Services Include:


  • Youth & Family Trauma Counseling

  • Therapeutic Mentoring

  • Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation / PRP

  • Alcohol & Drug Recovery

  • Mental Health Support

Live Benevolent Team About Us
Live Benevolent Team About Us
We’re the future of mental health and wellness resources
The Benevolent Process
Live Benevolent

Evaluate Your
Wellness Needs

We spend 30-60 mins actively listening to your wellness needs in a 1:1 assessment.

Live Benevolent

Customized Care Plan Discussed with You

One of our Care Team members will discuss your personalized care plan for best results.

Live Benevolent

Together, We
Begin Your Care

We’ll work hand in hand to make sure you’re on track to reach your wellness goals.

LIVE Benevolent in Community

We’ve been serving our community for over 10 years and we have no intention on stopping.

Live Benevolent
Live Benevolent
Live Benevolent
Live Benevolent
Live Benevolent

Feedback from Our Clients

“Live Benevolent behavioral health services has been a God sent... Please keep providing this service to the community it is important that we heal from within....”

Denera B.

“Brittney has been my therapist for over two years now and I must say she’s the best Therapist I’ve ever had. She’s always been very patient and respectful towards me....”

Capria M.

“My therapist has been the best therapist I had she helps me get through alot when I’m ready to talk....thank you and I appreciate you!”

Tasia R.

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